Career Quip…The Busting Bladder…

It is ok to ask to use the restroom. A candidate, on her final rounds of interviews met for a half day with the company. She was shuffled from person to person….the final interview was with the President of the company. She needed desperately to use the restroom but felt embarrassed to ask…all she could think about during this final conversation was would she make it through without an embarrassing situation…she did not do well with the conversation at hand.

Luckily, she shared this information with me and I was able to explain to the hiring official why she was a bit uneasy with the President of the company – and she was offered and accepted the position.

Note to file, if you are interviewing a candidate, offer the candidate an opportunity to visit the restroom as well as water etc..if you are the candidate and this happens to you…ASK!