Here at Meetingjobs we try not to get too political or partisan in our communications. Sometimes we get called out for having an opinion and that’s just fine. In light of the 2 terrible slaughters of innocents in El Paso and Dayton, (as well as any that may occur between the time I write these words and the time they are published) I have to say that it is time to finally take steps in the direction of gun control.

No single action, law, or regulation will make us safer, but we have to start somewhere. The myth of the good guy with the gun keeping up safe is a myth. Guns kill. Period. The only reason guns are made is to kill or maim.
That is their only function. There are millions of very responsible gun owners. These people are not the problem. There are millions of totally irresponsible gun owners. More Americans are shot by accident than with intent. This is irresponsible. More guns are used to commit suicide than in self-defense. This is unimaginable. Why do we allow this? The 2nd Amendment on some level refers to self-defense. Not indiscriminate slaughter.
Ironically, just days prior to the murders in El Paso and Dayton a hiring official called me to ask if it was legal to have guns present at their registration or at their meetings?
I have had another hiring official asking me to pre-screen a candidate on their knowledge of security at meetings, dealing with soft targets, and their action plans if their meeting becomes a target.

My thought…I’ve never seen these skills on a resume and am saddened that these questions now are part of an interview process. It has become the new norm.

Thank goodness for Northstar Meeting Group and M&C magazine, who published a great article
on August 7, 2019. Within the article is a link to another great article from the July issue of M&C Magazine.

Twenty-two (22) states have laws that will over rule your desire to keep guns out of your meetings. I am not advocating that you boycott these states, but it’s not a bad idea to know, as part of your Risk Management program, what the state firearm laws happen to be.

The article can be read here.

It’s hard to know when the tipping point will occur.

Killing elementary children at Sandy Hook made no difference.
Losing High School kids at Columbine and Stoneman Douglas made no impact.
Shootings in Black Churches and Jewish Synagogues faded to the back pages far too quickly.
Shootings in Gilroy and Las Vegas – events planned by our colleagues – very little hospitality industry response.
Hopefully, now is the time that as a country we say, “Enough is enough”.

Do something. Let your state and national politicians know your views. Realize that “thoughts and prayers” are not enough and be prepared as a meetings or special events professional to deal what has become sadly, the new norm.

Dawn Penfold
Meetingjobs, LLC

Former FBI Agent Explains How to Prepare for Active Shooter.
The agent preaches the acronym ADD – avoid, deny and defend

Greg Shaffer from Shaffer Security Group is one of the foremost experts on safety. He’s been interviewed by various news outlets 7 times since the horrifying shootings that happened in our country this past week.

This week. Garrett Speakers International shared his video from NBC with the meeting industry and now we’re sharing with you. Click on the video image to play or click HERE to play.

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