27 Things You’re Doing Wrong In Your Job Search

By: Adunola Adeshola

Stepping into the New Year often means new opportunities and new chapters. But, if you’ve spent the last few months attempting to secure a new position without any success, you may want to slow your roll before you add “Get new job” to your New Year’s resolution list.
Without properly reflecting on what went wrong, you risk making the same mistakes in the new year and seeing little progress.

Plus, after individually speaking to more than 150 young professionals, in the past year, ready to make a change in their careers, I’ve noticed common errors, bad habits and mental blocks that I’m sure are probably holding you back from getting the interviews and job offers you truly want, too.

If you’re ready to make the new year you’re best year yet, it might be best to leave these mistakes in 2018:

Applying to every job opening you find, out of desperation.
Applying to positions you don’t absolutely love.
Only applying to positions where you meet 100% of the qualifications and not going after other roles because you’re missing 1-2 requirements.
Sending applications through online portals.
Applying to companies using the same boring resume every time.Sending the same cover letter to every company, tweaking a few words and sentences here and there.
Being so desperate for a new position that you don’t take the time to consider exactly what you’d like to do in your next role.
Not recognizing when you need expert guidance from a career coach to get faster results in your career and job search.
Asking distant contacts to put in a good word for you at their companies.
Asking contacts you hardly know to send your resume to their boss on your behalf.
Telling your network that you’re looking for new opportunities without specifically letting them know what you’d like to do next.
Not following-up with your network after meet-ups and conversations, and not circling back after they’ve given you advice or next steps.
Letting fear of rejection stop you from reaching out to people you don’t know, who you’d love to meet and learn from.
Using “I don’t know what I want to do next” as an excuse to not take any action in your job hunt when you know deep down that you’re just scared to do what you really want to do next.
Letting fear of failure and fear of uncertainty stop you from taking action in your career and job hunt.
Settling in your current position even though you’re bored, uninspired and frustrated and know there’s no room for career growth.
Being afraid to leave your position in fear that you’ll look like a job hopper for not staying there for at least 2 years.
Not going after a more senior-level role even though you’re qualified and ready for it.
Allowing imposter syndrome to stop you from applying for roles in a new industry.
Kind of, sort of looking for new positions and not being 100% committed to finding a new role, at a new company.
Seeing yourself as someone a company should take a chance on, instead of recognizing the unique and specific value you bring to the positions you desire.
Assuming because you landed an interview you will also get the job and not adequately preparing to stand out in the interview.
Struggling with common interview questions like “Tell me about yourself?” And, “What’s your greatest weakness?”
Answering salary questions during interviews the wrong way, keeping you from bigger salary increases.
Assuming a thank you note doesn’t matter and not going the extra mile to send one after an interview.
Not following-up with hiring managers after interviews and not reminding them of your value and enthusiasm for the role and company.
Avoiding negotiating salary like the plague, in order not to rock the boat with your new company.

If you know you’re qualified for the roles you want, with the experience to match, there’s no reason why you should be settling for less or missing out on positions and opportunities that would be perfect for you. It’s time to identify which mistakes are holding you back so you can finally have a new job and career that makes you excited to wake up on Monday mornings.

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